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Organize by Color - Reduce Clutter

This is a cool idea but may be difficult to achieve. Really only works with hardbound books without their jackets. Do not try with paperback books as they tend to be too varied in colors and you'll just wind up with a messy look. But your bookshelves are not the only place you can organize by color.

  • Organize your spices by color.
  • Use color cutting boards, organized by color, and cut fruits and vegetables according to assigned color.
  • Put custom labels by color on your wine bottles: one color for each country of origin or each category of wine.
  • Buy assorted index cards and write recipes by type on an assigned color.
  • Paint the tops of your keys by color to help you identify their purpose.
  • Use bands of colored duct tape on boxes in your garage to help identify contents.
  • Use colored file folders in your office. One color for financials, one for vendors, one for utilities, and so forth.
  • Choose your recycle bins by color: green for weeds and foliage, gray for trash, white for plastics, black for bottles and so forth.
  • Give each family member an assigned color. Have them keep their toys, outside apparel in their color coordinated bins. All is both organized and easy for them to find their own stuff.

Gray is Back and in Full Swing

Sound dull and dreary? It is the perfect backdrop to just about any color palette you chose to go with it.

  • You see it everywhere: bedding upholstery, walls.
  • Gray remains sophisticated, classy and rich feeling.
  • Works well in masculine and feminine settings.
  • Fits with traditional and contemporary genres.
  • Conservative in uncertain times when you can't afford to make a mistake.
  • Acts like a chameleon.
  • Takes on the look of surrounding hues.
  • Perfect with vivid colors and pastels.
  • Considered the new beige.
  • Looks organic (think driftwood, sea shells, stones in a brook).
  • Works well with stainless steel appliances.
  • Looks great with brushed nickel.
  • Considered now the "in" color for bridesmaids.
  • Even goes with beige and looks fabulous with dark chocolate.
  • Many shades available but know in advance whether your gray is warm or cool. If warm, mix with warm colors. If cool, mix with cool colors.
  • As always, test before using big time.

Wallpaper Color Trends for 2009

According to the Wallcoverings Association, gray is the neutral you should consider.

  • Brings serenity to a room.
  • Conservative color in uncertain times.
  • Can be combined with most colors.
  • Provides calm background to vibrant, eco-inspired colors such as: olive green, ocean blue, lime green, purple, mustard yellow, fuchsia, coral, cobalt.
  • Goes well with bronze, the new color for appliances and hardware.

How to Stop Weeds From Returning

I hate weeds and you do too, I'm betting. No sooner do I kill some and pull others out then there are plenty more to take their place. It is a never ending battle, unfortunately. There are chemicals available that will kill off most weeds but just when we're all thinking about the environment, they become less attractive to use. So the best strategy to kill off most weeds (you won't get them all) is to cover the bare ground with a thick layer of mulch. Here are some tips and explanations:

  • Some weeds never die off, even when you pull them out.
  • Examples: Bermuda Buttercup (bulb-type Oxalis with yellow flowers), Bermuda Grass, Bind Weed (type of Morning Glory), Nut Grass, certain Wild Onions.
  • Use mulch that is stable and more coarse than sand.
  • Need 2-4" layer on top of bare dirt.
  • Prevents moisture and sun from getting to weed seeds.
  • Even though soil below can get moist enough, it won't get sun. Weed seeds need both sun and water to germinate.
  • Before applying, pull out all big weeds.
  • Do not lay weed block cloth first. Waste of money. Only lasts a few months.
  • Suggested mulch: gravel, micro bark, patio bark, cedar mulch, redwood compost, shredded redwood.
  • Check with landscape supply yards for bulk pricing and delivery.

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