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Huge Savings for All - Please Read

No one doubts the seriousness of the state of our economy, but in the midst of trying times, there is always hope on the horizon. We can isolate ourselves or we can reach out to others and share what we have, however little it may be.

It shouldn't be about hoarding though increasing your savings account is always a good idea. Here are a few tips on how you can help someone else and be blessed in the process no matter what your economic circumstances might be. This chimp has adopted two white lions and is acting as their surrogate mother.  What joy!

  • Smile at everyone you pass. In these days people need encouragement and you never know when a well placed smile could make a huge difference in someone's life.
  • Offer to help reorganize a friend's garage or a room in their home. These are good times to de-clutter and organize. Being productive always helps a person feel as if something worthwhile is being accomplished.
  • Donate to charities. Charitable organizations are hurting for donations now and this directly affects people who often cannot do anything to help themselves. Clean out your garage, your closets, your attic and basement. Yes, you could have a garage sale and make a few bucks (possibly) but why not just donate the stuff, get rid of it quickly and help someone less fortunate than you in the process?
  • Volunteer some time to a good cause. As people scramble to find more ways to make money, the roster of volunteers at deserving charities, hospitals, and other care facilities goes down. Give a helping hand. You'll be a treasure un-measurable to other people and walk away feeling good about yourself at the same time.
  • Help someone learn a new skill. Perhaps you have a skill or special talent you could teach to someone else. It doesn't matter if it is an income producing skill or not. Everyone can use extra skills, extra knowledge, extra talent. What can you teach someone this week?

Introducing Our Own Stimulus Plan - Drastic Price Reductions for All
In keeping with this philosophy, we have decided to drastically cut our prices for our courses as a way to help others. We do have to operate at a profit, but we also want to make the opportunity of starting a home staging or interior redesign business possible for any one and every one, regardless of age or background or experience.

So we have elected to offer our own Stimulus Package by reducing our prices in ways we have never done before.

So if you've been contemplating starting a business to supplement your income or to change your career or to enter the work force for the first time, then now is the absolute best time as there is a growing and dire need for home staging services everywhere as houses plunge in value. Why? Because people need help to keep from losing more than they've already lost. There is a housing glut and it's going to continue to grow. That means home staging services will be in greater demand than before and for a very long, long time.

So just like stocks, commodities, real estate and paychecks have dropped, so too has our educational programs.  All the great value remains - but now you can get it for MUCH LESS. See our Pricing Chart and you'll notice that all of our Courses have been greatly reduced but we reserve the right to boost them back up without notice - so don't delay.

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