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A Good Time to Remodel Your Home

If you haven't saved up any money for hard times, skip this article. I'm not talking to you. But if you have enough to get you through the rough times, and you don't have to go into debt to fix up your home, these are some of the best days to invest in remodeling your home. Prices are down. Yes, they could decline further. On the other hand, with our government printing money like there's no tomorrow, the dollar is bound to start going much lower and that ugly word "inflation" will creep back into our daily vocabulary. When that happens (sooner than later) you're going to see prices go up - way up. So if you've got the cash, now is a ripe opportunity to take advantage of the depressed prices in the marketplace. Here's why:

  • Good contractors are readily available and working with homeowners to keep costs down
  • Prices of larger luxury items are coming down
  • You can increase the size and create your dream home right where you are without having to move
  • When real estate stabilizes, your home will enjoy more appreciation than before to help offset value losses
  • So long as you enjoy your neighborhood, you'll be able to stay for a very long time no matter what size your family gets
Interior Designs for Hard Times

Are we in the next Great Depression? Who knows - maybe and maybe not. Did you know that modernism blossomed and flourished during the first Depression? Furniture designers created new designs out of inexpensive materials such as plastic, resin and plywood. There is always something good that comes out of bad times. You know the saying, "Necessity is the mother of invention." While most of us wait for others to invent things for us, there are many things we can do for ourselves to make our homes look good without spending money we don't presently have or are reluctant to spend. Here are some tips:

  • Use color. One of the best and least expensive quick fixes is using paint. Changing your room's color can give you an instant lift.
  • Go bold and be different.
  • Paint one wall an accent color and the other three walls a complementary color.
  • Change the throw pillows - recover old ones and repurpose them.
  • Toss a colorful afghan or blanket or quilt over a chair or sofa.
  • Use area rugs. Cover worn or soiled spots with area rugs.
  • Area rugs can help define a room and furniture while covering over worn spots.
  • Visually separate rooms with area rugs if the flooring continues from one room to another.
  • Accessorize the room. Change out old accessories for new ones or just move them from one room to another.
  • Bring the outdoors inside. Add more potted trees, floor plants and table plants.
  • Plants are inexpensive and many thrive in low light areas.
  • Pull out family photos and insert in frames.
  • Use candid photos, not staged ones, and create that "homey" look instantly.
  • Add colored bulbs to your lamps to change the ambience and enhance certain colors.
Old Time Cost Saving Techniques

I admit it - I used to be a shopaholic I earn a decent income and I could afford almost anything I wanted. My favorite shopping was for my home and my kids. But I've changed my ways - and so have you, most likely. But my yearning for change in my home or improvement hasn't diminished any and yours probably hasn't either. So what's a shopper to do to keep the home fresh, feeling up to date and new - well sort of?

Here are some tips you might consider:

  • Reuse, recycle and repurpose what you already have.
  • Fix what's broken, paint or recolor what's dingy, dirty or drab.
  • Attend to your long neglected garden.
  • Shop from your own garden instead of visiting nurseries.
  • Talk to your mother about what she did when times were tough.
  • Pass on what you learn to your daughter and son.
  • Pull out those old "how-to" craft books you bought years ago and dust them off and look through them for ideas.
  • Take cuttings from current plants and replant them so your garden grows fuller - your only expense will be for fertilizer. It's called propagation.
  • Spending time with your mother and your daughters is far preferable to shopping the malls - and you'll build memories for a lifetime for free.
  • Share seeds with your neighbors and get some from them.
  • Feed your need to acquire by building out your own garden. Get close to nature - you'll feel better about the state of the economy at the same time.
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