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Wall Groupings! The Secrets of Displaying Your Art & Photos

wall groupings, photo groupings, photosIntroducing my newest book that will soon replace my older book called "Where There's a Wall - There's a Way". Using some of the illustrations from the original book, this book adds lots of photo examples of both good groupings and poor ones so you can really see what works and what doesn't. But even more importantly, you'll understand WHY certain arrangements are great and others not so great. This will help you avoid making the most typical and non-typical mistakes you see in homes (and even in fine decorating magazines and books out there).

Wall Groupings! picks up where Where There's a Wall - There's a Way leaves off. While there are many more illustrations in the older version (making it ideal to own both copies), you'll find that either choice is an excellent one to learn how to arrange wall groupings in your home. When the first published book sells out, it will not be reprinted, so if you want both copies, be sure to order them both today. We are on our last box of the older book.

Includes the following: 1) Learning the Rules; 2) Illustrations of Groupings; 3) A Potpourri of Actual Wall Groupings; 4) Drawing Your Own Ideas; 5) Templates to Copy; 6) The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; 7) Additional Resources.

This handy manual is 147 pages and the introductory price is $29.95. Photos are necessarily in black and white. 5x8.5 Softcover. Please note: Orders will be processed before the books arrive, so there will be slight delay in delivery times.

1) Wall Groupings! Secrets of Displaying Art & Photos
2) Where There's a Wall - There's a Way

Hot Colors for 2009 Revisited

According to the Color Marketing Group (the leading international nonprofit association of color-design professionals), these were predicted to be hot colors in 2009 and are proving to be so. The Color Marketing Group has been accurately predicting color trends for more than 45 years - but then, they are the people who select what colors we will be using in our homes a full 2 years before we see the products on the market - so naturally they have the inside scoop.

  • Purple is hot
  • Grayed-out violets are in and work well as an accent color or as a neutral
  • Redder, plummier purples are coming of age
  • Purple is the "must have" color
  • Green was big during the green-living push
  • Blue is now the incoming color (watery blue and sky blue)
  • Grayed-out browns and plain grays are the new sophisticated colors
  • These are great when black is too harsh yet normal brown is not strong enough
  • Yellow is popular again
  • Yellow mixed with gray is hot
  • New business color is white
  • White goes with anything
  • Look for matt white instead of gloss, textured whites instead of smooth
  • White prepresents purity and that's what we need in business now
  • Look - mauve is back - in dusty violet shades
  • Mauve can be good accent or even as a neutral
  • With old colors coming back in, one can now start to find new products to mix in with old furnishings and not have to redo everything.
Use Individuality in Your Gardens

Our gardens are as individual as we are. They come in many different sizes and shapes. They can be sprawling, contained, big or small. Just like you can decorate your home any way you choose, so too your garden or back yard or front yard. So express your individuality both inside and outside. Here are some ideas.

  • Table Garden - Using old time geletin molds or Bundt pans, plant edible flowers and herbs and set over the hole of your patio table. Slip your umbrella through the opening and enjoy your garden while you eat.
  • Idea Garden - Start an idea book or sketchbook and record your ever changing ideas on paper so you don't forget them. When you purchase plants, stick the receipts or instructional tabs from the plant in your idea book so you always have a record of what's in your garden and the proper care instructions too. Remember that if you don't capture an idea within 10 minutes, you'll probably lose it forever.
  • Rock Garden - Choose between natural or painted rocks - or both. Experiment with stone-stacking. Designate a special area to concentrate your rocks to keep better control of them.
  • Water Garden - Using a fountain pump, you can create a water garden most anywhere. You'll need a water tight container.
  • Children's Garden - Never forget the importance of children being outside. Encourage them to play outside and be sure to create a nice area for playing. Give them a small plot of land where they can do their own gardening. I still remember the days when my son and daughter and I played volleyball in the back yard. Those are cherished memories we will all remember fondly.
  • Art Garden - Use your artistic treasures outside if they are weather resistant. Add personality to your garden with bolders, metal blooms, sculptures, stepping stones, birdhouses, wooden objects and accessories and more. Express your personality and enjoy your creativity all year long.
  • Cutting Garden - Find a section where you can plant flowers just for the purpose of cutting to enjoy inside or to give to others.

New Lower Prices
We have inaugurated our own Stimulus Package and have lowered the prices on most of our courses, plus many "a la carte" items. Now is a great time to load up.

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